Hi! My name is Keaton Mantz. I'm a web developer currently living in the DFW area of Texas. Not only am I a developer, I also service computers and networks and set up new technology

Computers and technology are my passion, and I've worked with them since I was very young.


In my free time I play in Magic: the Gathering tournaments across the state and work on personal programming projects such as my ecommerce startup, SigilCommerce.


I'm currently employed as a web application developer at a company called Eyemart Express. My responsibilities primarily include PHP development using the Laravel Framework with occasional projects in Zend.


I am available for freelance work! If you need a custom PHP application built, you should get in touch. My specialty is the Laravel Framework, but I also have extensive experience with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and straight PHP.


Feel free to email me at .

You can also find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.

Projects I've worked on

TheFemNet.com - The Feminist Network

Custom WordPress multisite integration


CHSHilltopper.com - Clarkston High School Hilltopper Yearbook

Complete custom CMS, including administration panel with WYSIWYG editor and file manager


RobotEvents.com - Official events for various robotics education programs

As-of-yet unreleased complete recode done in the Laravel PHP Framework


Most of the work I've done has been while under NDAs or while working at agencies.